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Mapping Tools

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Geography, History, Tools, Web 2.0

As a follow up to yesterdays post on digital storytelling and mapping I thought I would post some of the great free online tools that are out there for teachers and students to use.

CommunityWalk can be used to create custom maps that you can embed into a website or blog. Audio, icons, photos and comments can be added to maps that users create.

Wayfaring although free to use you still need to register is very similar to CommunityWalk.

Animaps is the best of the selections mentioned in this post because you can animate your maps. The educational uses for this tool is endless and the other digital media that you can add while using Animaps makes it a perfect tool for digital media content delivery across the curriculum.


Find a story…Map a story…Tell a story… is a lesson created by Brenda Dyck for the purposes of teaching digital storytelling and story mapping skills. This is a great introduction to digital storytelling and story mapping.