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MOOC, gamification, digital storytelling, blended learning all new buzzwords we have been hearing in education over the past 2 years. Here is cheat sheet (infograph) to briefly explain these buzzwords.

EdTech Cheat Sheet


A great Slideshare by Jennifer LaGarde aka Library Girl. Although this is meant for teachers the message can apply to school library technicians as well.

Teachers Domain is a great website to find digital media to incorporate into your lessons by either showing your students or directing them to a particular area to help them further understand the concepts being taught. 

Teachers’ Domain also has tools for professional development for example: Bioethics Classroom Debate: In this classroom-practice video, high school teacher Cherilee Lewis leads a classroom discussion on bioethics.


Anatomy of a Volcano


Bioengineering Body Parts


Kobo Vox

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Will this be the new gadget in your library or classroom?

The Kobo Vox Where “The End” is never the end. Being released just in time for the holiday shopping season the Kobo Vox is sure to be a big seller with a $199 price tag. It is being promoted as an “An eReader and so much more!” by Kobo. The fact they are promoting this as an e-reader first is what is impressing me. Kobo is a great e-reader so they just took it one step further by combining everything great about the Kobo with features that bring your reading experience to new levels. The 7-inch colour display is a nice size, I find the iPAD a little too big. You can download from a selection of 2.5 million titles, and surf the web and download apps from the Android market. Another interesting feature is the Reading Life helps you discover your reading habits, and share your latest read and favourite passages with friends on Facebook and Twitter, yes making the reading experience more social.

QR Codes in Your Library

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A Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional code that can be scanned by smartphone cameras to automatically pull up text, photos, videos, music and URLs. It is a great tool for your library or classroom and the uses are endless. You can use them to connect students and teachers to databases & e-books, author interviews, your website or blog. For a more detailed description go here. To generate your own QR code there are a few sites that offer this for free I use Kaywa to create a QR code for my blog.

The Kid Should See This is a fun informative collection of smart stuff that everyone could enjoy. The collection is mostly youtube videos but it covers a lot of ground. Maybe a fun way to start a class off.  Who’s Minding the Store with  Jerry Lewis is quite funny.

As more and more people including young people are connected electronically we have to look seriously as to how people are really using them. Students at my school use them as pda’s and storage devices they are not abused at least not in the library as a matter of fact they have made things easier. For example their login information, they keep it stored on their phone so I am not spending time looking them up. A great article here at MediaShift addresses these concerns.